The AI-assisted bone marrow cell morphology analysis and diagnosis system is an innovation in the diagnosis of haematological diseases. The system can generate digital smears by scanning traditional bone marrow aspirate smears and the AI ​​cell recognition algorithm will locate and classify nucleated cells to aid diagnosis. All bone marrow smear data will be stored as digital images. This system is a leading device in the area of ​​bone marrow cell morphology analysis in the world.


  • Digitization of bone marrow smears

Using digital imaging technology, traditional bone marrow smears are digitally scanned through a fully automated microscope scanning platform to achieve digitization of smear storage and management, which is conducive to medical research, case storage, clinical research and diagnosis.

  • AI-assisted bone marrow cell recognition

Automated localization, labelling, and grading of bone marrow cells on digital images have revolutionized the traditional analysis of manual differential bone marrow cell count under the microscope, reducing subjectivity during bone marrow morphologic examination. bone marrow and improves diagnostic consistency.

  • Continuous acquisition

The system can work 24 hours a day and supports continuous scanning of 27 slides, which saves time and improves examination efficiency.

  • Improved cell morphological classification performance

The AI ​​service centre builds an expert-level expertise base through continuous deep learning of neural networks and improves clinical analysis of bone marrow cell morphology and diagnostic performance through the interaction of learning databases and networks of experts.

  • Automatically generate diagnostic opinions

Automatically generate diagnostic opinions through the system, support clinical diagnosis, sufficiently reduce reporting time, and improve clinical work efficiency.

Area of ​​application

Completely scan the bone marrow aspirate smears. Locate and pre classify nucleated cells on acquired bone marrow images and perform statistical analyzes for the diagnosis of hematologic diseases.